Am/Can Ch.Blacfriar As You Like It Am/Can CDX,JH, Am RE,WCX,OA,NAJ,AXP,AJP,NF,OFP, Can AgN,AgNJ,WC

All Round Retriever

Versatility Dog


Sire: Am/Can Ch. Blacfriar's Shenanigans CD
Dam: Am/Can Ch Can OTCHX Blacfriar Amelia Earhart Am/Can JH, Am UDX,VER,RE,AX,AXJ,MXP3,MJP5,MXPB,MJPS,NF,OFP,PAX, Can WCI,AgI,AgIJ
Whelped: 1/28/03

Cerf: FR1750, OFA Eyes: FR-EYE76/120F-PI, Hips: FR-3671G24F, Patellas: FR-PA719/24F, Elbows: FR-EL879F24, Color Tested: BBEE

Norah is a champion!

Lost in thought

Norah at ten taking 4th in the JH Gun Dog Class

Norah was initially co-owned with a breeder in Hamburg but after a tragedy which resulted in the deaths of 5 of her puppies, I decided that she needed to come back to live in the Blacfriar household.  When she returned here in January, 2008, she began performance activities and quickly went from four titles to 27 titles.  She worked in the field, obedience and agility until she was close to 10 years old when it became clear that she was having trouble seeing up close (nearsightedness due to aging)  and that was affecting her ability to jump.  She continues to work in the field! And she's had two litters of puppies as well.  She's very cute. very sweet, and very loving and she is a very important part of our pack! 


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Ch. Blacfriar's Shenanigans CD



 Ch. Flatford Darkside of the Moon

Ch. Snowdown Canis Major
Ch. Darkside Elegant Velvet
Ch. Blacfriar My Sweet Little Abby
Am/Can Ch.Darktarn Blac Phineas Am/Can CDX,WC,AmJH
Am/Can Ch. Brushwynd Blacfriar Phoenix Am/Can CD,WC,Am JH


  Am/Can Ch. Can OTCHX Blacfriar Amelia Earhart Am/Can JH, Am UDX,VER,WCX,RE,AX,AXJ,MXP3,MJP5,MXPB,MJPS,NF,OFP,PAX, Can WCI,AgI,AgIJ

Am/Can Ch.Darktarn Blac Phineas Am/Can CDX,WC, Am JH Am/Can Ch. Butterblac's Excalibur Am CD,Can CDX,WC
Ch. Darktarns My Sweet Gypsy Rose
Am/Can Ch.Exotic Mark Of Excellence Am/Can CDX,WC,Am NJP
Ch. Exotic Ice Chest
Ch. Exotic Undeniable Destiny




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