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Look at that form on Amelia!



Amelia getting her UDX!


Agility is so intense!




Quinn!  Our only liver champion!

Sydney gets her Canadian OTCH




Sammie getting her Canadian OTCH

And Sammie is running MACH!



Denver took Best of Breed
  Phineas is WD and a  New Champion



Oliver could move!



Norah is a Canadian Champion!

Nemo looking stunning!




And he could swim too!

And Sammie thought he was handsome!



Mom and Grandmom sharing two puppies!

Dancer loves those puppies!



And two is the right number!

And they are smaller than him right now!



Sammie and Sydney, "it's mine, no it's mine!"

Sammie is even beautiful when wet!



Flat coats love to Swim! Jump! and even Dive!

Get Ready!



Get Set!




Syd dives for diving rings!

And Stitch can climb ladders!




Flat Coat puppies love to swim!

And swim!



And swim!


It's three against one!  Is he a puppy or what?



What a sweet....CAT?



Are you sure that's a ....CAT?



I'm so confused!  I thought I was a flat coat!


Seamus taking his third 4 pointer of the weekend!


Arthur's a champion!


Sunny!  Not just a pretty face!


Sunny stacked!



Norah!  I see it!  I see it!


I got it!


Sammie!  Now where did that bird go?


Found it!


The grandkids are great but I don't know about this!


Am I ready for Westminster yet?



Lyndi at 4 months

Bandit at 9 years

Ivy's Mom just sends too many darn cute photos!

Ducky at about a year!

Gracie at 10 months!

And ready to show!

I just need a cuddle, that's all!  (Libby, Ivy's sister)

Wonder what Syd would do without that rudder?

Two Tigers and a Flower Child!

Sunny places to get his CD!

Cats and birds can be friends!

It takes two Moms to raise two puppies

Amelia, the test dog for WCX

Minnie and Arthur

This is who we are!

Oh, you poor little bird!
Can I help you?

                                                Would someone please call the cat psychologist to find out why I like to sit in the sink! 

Or lie on the diving board?

The Flat Coats Are Coming - Indy

And J. Quincy Adams - Quincy - brothers

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

You didn't - I helped!

Diving for rings is fun!

Am I ass over tea kettle?

Isn't this great swimming form?

Diving through a tube is more of a challange!

Sydney's working on her diving form!

Getting better!

Oh!  Too much splash!

Puppies and Cats love each other!

Aren't I gorgeous at 4 years of age!

Ethan's Maine Coon kitty, Tiger Lily, with her rabbit friend!
Maine Coons love everyone!



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